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Parent Views

We are pleased to include views from our current parents (November 2020):


‘Manuden offers a true village school experience.  It is a friendly school with a real sense of family and community.  It takes full advantage of its small size which allows children to interact across the year groups and encourages them to support and motivate one another in both learning and play.  Every single member of staff knows every child, not just by name but by personality too.  The school’s emphasis on pastoral care is second to none, with children regularly partaking in yoga, wellbeing workshops and the daily mile.  We feel it educates our children in the very broadest sense of the word - encouraging learning in all areas of the curriculum.  We have three children at the school and they have all thrived and flourished under the care of its wonderful teachers and support staff.  Our children genuinely love going to school, which is hardly surprising given its welcoming environment.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Manuden and feel we couldn’t have made a better choice for our children.’


‘My son has been at Manuden for 4 years and has had a really positive and nurturing experience at every stage.  There is a real friendly, family atmosphere, which I think is one of the unique feelings you are only really able to get at a small village school.  The children all seem to know each other, regardless of what year they are in, and it’s good to see the mixing between different age groups.  The quality of learning is excellent and the teachers are, without exception, very heavily invested in the children both educationally and emotionally.  The staff are very approachable and you feel as if you are being listened to and that they really do have the children’s best interests at heart.  There are a variety of extra curricular activities offered – music lessons, karate, football, netball etc. as well as before and after school clubs, which adds richly to the learning and social opportunities offered by the school.’


‘Manuden isn’t just a school, it’s a community.  It’s wonderful to see how the children across the school all know and look out for each other.  Manuden not only provides everything you’d expect from a small school – the sense of community, the support and the positive environment, the attention to individuals, and high standards of education, but it also provides a huge number of extra curricular activities and flexible wraparound care.’


‘Manuden Primary encompasses all the qualities you expect from a village school – nurturing, caring, friendly and approachable, while also striving for high standards to create an academic, yet well balanced young person.’

'I couldn’t be happier with Manuden Primary School.  It’s an exceptionally friendly, nurturing village school with wonderful teachers.  My 3 children (9, 7 and 5) are thriving here.’


‘Manuden Primary is a wonderful, nurturing school.  There is a great balance between high teaching standards and focusing on the children’s wellbeing.  The staff are extremely dedicated and work hard to support the children in all aspects of school life.’


‘As a mum, I love the thought that both my children know every single person in the school by name and often greet others from different year groups.  The teachers are fantastic and really care about the children.  They work hard to find new and exciting ways to deliver the curriculum to ensure that learning is fun.  This is a village school that encompasses the inclusive ethos of Manuden.  It’s a school the village can be proud of.  I love it when the boys come of school desperate to tell me what they’ve been up to and proud of what they’ve achieved.’


‘We joined Manuden Primary School in year 4 from another local school.  My daughter settled very quickly and it became clearly apparent that she was enjoying her new school life.  My concern for moving her was that we lived outside the village and may not be welcomed – this was definitely not the case.  Having made this brave move, we realised we had joined a lovely community school, being welcomed by staff, other pupils and parents, becoming part of the school family and most importantly not just being another number.  The nurturing for positive learning, with lots of support and care really has been welcomed by us as a family.  The experiences our little lady has gained is second to none.  

It’s clear that our Headteacher and her staff are committed to their children, that’s reflected day to day in all they do.  We will be sad to leave year 6 this year, however, extremely grateful to end this chapter of school life at Manuden, before our little lady starts her next chapter.’