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Curriculum Philosophy


At Manuden Primary School, we provide a nurturing and creative learning environment for all our pupils through a broad and balanced curriculum.  We have designed an ambitious and well-sequenced curriculum in order to bring a skills and knowledge-based approach to our teaching and learning and are committed to providing a learning environment in which pupils are challenged through adapted, high quality first teaching that is supported by excellent pastoral care. 


Children’s wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do at Manuden and we are always exploring ways to boost positive mental attitudes for each individual so that our children become engaged, active and lifelong learners.  Throughout their learning journey, children are encouraged to be open-minded, creative and most importantly, independent learners who are respectful of themselves and others.  Our curriculum values the spiritual and moral development of each individual, along with their intellectual and physical growth.  As an eco-friendly school, great emphasis is put upon looking after the environment.


Our school values underpin everything we do at Manuden Primary School and British Values permeate all aspects of school life, enabling us to support children in achieving their full potential and equipping them with a real excitement for learning and an enthusiasm for life whist giving the pupils the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed.

Curriculum Milestones

Our curriculum defines essential learning objectives in each subject and sets out the milestones for progress.  For each learning objective, success criteria define the milestones.  Pupils are expected to be at milestone one by the end of year two, milestone two by the end of year four and milestone three by the end of year six.  The milestones use the National Curriculum as a reference point.