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Curriculum Philosophy

Our creative, skills based curriculum provides a climate for interactive learning in which children are interested and engaged through the provision of purposeful learning experiences. Exciting and real-life learning outcomes are achieved through teachers creatively linking subjects together. When the content for some subjects does not fit into the learning experience, they are taught as ‘stand alone’ units. Technology is used as a ‘tool’ to enhance different teaching and learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum.

Developing enquiring minds through experience and discovery are important elements when learning at Chrishall and are particularly promoted through independent learning activities in which life skills are used and cultivated.

Effective teaching strategies together with support and intervention that match individual needs are used in all areas of the curriculum so that all children (regardless of their ability) are challenged effectively through appropriate differentiation.  Further information about our curriculum can be found in our Curriculum policy.

Curriculum Milestones

Our curriculum defines essential learning objectives in each subject and sets out the milestones for progress.  For each learning objective, success criteria define the milestones.  Pupils are expected to be at milestone one by the end of year two, milestone two by the end of year four and milestone three by the end of year six.  The milestones use the National Curriculum as a reference point.

Manuden's Progression of Skills Booklet