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Relationships and Sex Education

For information about the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum at our school, take a look at our Relationships and Sex Education policy which can be found in the policy section on our website.

Relationships Education Leaflet for Parents

Our 'Talking to Children about Relationships' leaflet provides information about our partnership in developing children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes relating to RSE.

RSE Leaflet for Parents and Families

Relationships and Sex Education Resources

Many parents and carers feel unsure about how to talk to their child about sex, sexuality and relationships.  The NSPCC has put together lots of valuable advice to help support your child and keep them safe.

To find out more about RSE and its aims and values, visit Sex Education Forum.


A website for parent’s/carers, young people and professionals. It offers clear advice to parents on beginning and continuing conversations with children and young people about RSE. For information and videos clips on talking about RSE to your children, see

Big Talk Education

Relationship and Sex Education is much more than talking to children about reproduction.  Big Talk Education's advice to parents is to follow their top tips for speaking to your child about their bodies and relationships, this will make the transition to talking about Sex much easier.



Let’s Talk: About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families & Friends Robie H Harris

Young children ask so many questions about their bodies and how they were made. With lively language, engaging art and clear, accurate information, this book answers those perfectly normal questions and will help even pre-school children feel proud and comfortable about their own bodies. It is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, librarians and health professionals to use with children.


Let’s Talk About Where Babies Come From Robie H. Harris

Covers a wide range of topics relating to sex and relationships in an accessible format. For children in key stage 2.


The Great Big Book of Families Mary Hoffman

An early introduction to different types of family. Useful to start conversations about who is in your family and what makes your family special.


What’s inside your tummy, Mummy? A Cocovini

Every month a new picture shows how big baby is and how far along a timeline (featured at the foot of each spread) baby has moved. The real attraction of the book is the ‘life-size’ nature of the drawings, giving mother and child a fantastic opportunity to really explore what is happening, how big baby is in context to everyday objects and what baby can hear or indeed eats!


The World is Full of Babies Nick Manning

An information book about animals and humans and how different babies develop and are cared for.


What’s Happening to Me? (Girls) S Meredith

A sensitive, detailed and informative guide to female puberty, this book will prove invaluable for both young girls and their parents alike, tackling key subjects from the physical changes that occur at this time to practical matters, such as buying your first bra. Approved by a team of top- notch consultants, this remarkable and reassuring book is entertaining, approachable and authoritative.


What’s Happening to Me? (Boys) A Frith

Growing up is a whole lot easier if you have some idea what to expect. This book describes exactly what will happen to your body in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and it explains some of your feelings too - all you need to know for this important time in your life.


Hair in Funny Places Babette Cole

In Hair in Funny Places Cole takes a sideways glance at what happens to the body when it is hit by puberty. Hilarious illustrations of Mr and Mrs Hormone wreaking their revenge on the body, mixing their “Essence of Pube” and making mischief in the unsuspecting bodies of boys and girls as they fight their way towards adulthood will certainly raise a smile. But it is the frankness and simplicity of the text that really bites, encouraging an understanding of one of the most difficult phases in a human being’s life.


Mummy Laid an Egg Babette Cole

Just how are babies made? Erm Well. . . they’re delivered by dinosaurs, squidged out of tubes and found under stones! In this story the kids put their embarrassed parents straight and dispel the myths surrounding baby-making, growth and birth. Babette Cole careers through the facts of life with her no-nonsense text and funny illustrations.


Where Willy Went Nicholas Allen

A story relating a sperm’s journey to meet and egg told in a humorous and accessible way.


Great Answers to Difficult Questions About Sex: What Children Need to Know Linda Goldman

What does sex mean? Where do babies come from? Why is my body changing? Sex is never an easy subject for discussion and adults often struggle to find the right words when talking about it with children. This book explores children’s thoughts and feelings on the subject of sex and provides parents and other caring adults with guidance on how to respond to difficult questions. The author explores some of the most common questions children ask about sex and provides sensitive yet candid answers, phrased in a way that children will be able to understand and relate to. Each chapter is devoted to a particular issue, such as how babies are made, relationships, and the differences between boys and girls. The book recognises the emotions and reactions of children and family members and includes separate conclusions for adults and children. This guide offers useful advice for parents and carers and will also be of interest to counsellors and other professionals working with children.