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Safeguarding Advice

This page is in work in progress, but will contain support and advice for parents about different safeguarding topics.

Lucy Faithfull Foundation

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is the only UK-wide child protection charity dedicated solely to preventing child sexual abuse.  

The Foundation works closely with frontline workers and professionals such as police officers, social workers and education staff to ensure children are as safe as they can be. They work with entire families that have been affected by sexual abuse including: young people with inappropriate sexual behaviours; adult male and female sexual abusers; victims of abuse and other family members.


Child Sexual Exploitation


It can be difficult to recognise the warning signs of child sexual exploitation, as they are similar to the challenges that all parents of adolescent or near-adolescent children face.  

Click on the link to find out information about Child Sexual Exploitation:

The following areas are covered:

  • What is CSE?
  • Spotting the signs of CSE
  • What is trauma bonding?
  • The impact of CSE
  • Grooming

NSPCC Talk Pants


Talk PANTS helps children understand that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.

Click on the links below for Talk PANTs Guides for parents

Guidance for Foster Carers

Guidance for Parents/Carers  with a learning difficulty



Talking about Extremism with your child

County Lines

Click on the link for some useful advice for parents about County Lines


Going Country

This is a great informative leaflet for parents with lots of useful links in it as well