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Restorative Practice - Behaviour Guidance


At Manuden Primary School we are committed to ensuring that all our pupils achieve their very best. They are expected to be courageous, curious, and resilient. We strive to create a safe and stimulating learning environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. We embed a culture of restorative practice through praise, encouragement, self-discipline, and resilience in our pupils, and provide early intervention to prevent issues escalating. We place a heavy emphasis on positive relationships between staff and students, and endeavour to ensure we have consistency in response to both positive and negative behaviour.


A school ethos of encouragement and praise is central to the promotion of outstanding behaviour and committed learning. Our rewards take many forms; it is important that effort and achievement of all kinds are celebrated.


Our Systems are based on promoting learning; any type of behaviour that prevents the pupil or others from learning will not be tolerated. Whilst all disciplinary matters are dealt with on their individual merits, we aim to be scrupulously fair with consequences and would emphasise our expectations of parental support.


When dealing with undesired behaviour our staff are committed to ensuring children understand the impact of their actions. We sit down and take the time to discuss the following five W’s;


  • What did you do?
  • Why did you do it?
  • Which rule did you break?
  • Who was affected?
  • What can you do differently next time?


At Manuden Primary School we do not have a long extensive list of behaviour rules. We ensure our pupils do the following;


  • Be Ready
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Safe


We believe that all actions can be categorised under one of these headings, and children are encouraged to focus on these when reflecting on their actions.